Zesty Cod Dumplings Freezer Pack (16oz) - Seasonal Special


Each pack is filled based on weight (in oz). There are about 12 dumplings in each pack.


Say ahoy to our summer seasonal dumpling: Zesty Cod!

This dumpling's filling is loaded with wild-caught Cod fish that's been seasoned with Himalayan pink salt and homemade lemon pepper.  We make our lemon pepper from fresh lemon zest that is baked and ground in our kitchen.  The filling is mixed together with a squeeze of lemon juice, celery, and scallions.  Travel seaside as you taste each bite of these sensational flavors.


The ambrosial filling of Zesty Cod dumplings is wrapped in vibrant green skins, a look accomplished using spinach powder.  Spinach powder is a rich source of antioxidants and minerals, which adds an additional boost of nutrition and beauty to your meal.  These Zesty Cod dumplings might just be the gastronomic supercharge you need to dive into summer. 


Ingredients: Cod fish, flour, water, celery, scallion, corn starch, egg, canola oil, Himalayan pink salt, granulated lemon peel, lemon juice, black pepper, spinach powder, sesame oil, garlic powder, cane sugar 


Contains: fish, wheat, egg, sesame

Zesty Cod Dumplings (16oz)