Curry Vegan Dumplings Freezer Pack (16oz)  


Each pack is filled based on weight (in oz). There are about 12 dumplings in each pack.


This unique vegan dumpling has a tofu, local sweet potato, and local kale (sourced from Bulich Creekside Farms in Leeds, NY) filling that is simmered in curry and coconut milk along with a healthy and immune-system boosting combination of onion, ginger, and garlic.  An already nutrient dense filling is then wrapped in golden turmeric infused skin.  Not only is this dumpling incredibly flavorful but it is also wonderfully good for you!


Ingredients: Flour, tofu, sweet potato, kale, coconut milk, water, onion, ginger, tomato paste, canola oil, cooking wine, curry powder (coriander, turmeric, fenugreek, corn flour, salt, cumin, red pepper, ginger, all-spice, nutmeg, oleoresin capsicum, soybean oil), garlic, salt.


Contains: Wheat, soy.

Curry Vegan Dumplings (16 oz)