Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best pan to fry my dumplings in?

Pan-fried dumplings cook best in nonstick pans with lids. Be sure to heat your pan on medium high prior to adding oil. Once the oil has had a little time to warm up, place your frozen dumplings inside. Place the dumplings with some space in between so that they do not touch each other. Cast-iron pans are also possible to cook in but be sure to season it well first with oil.

What is the best pan or pot to steam my dumplings in?

Steamed dumplings can be cooked using any type of steamer. We mostly use a stock or steamer pot to boil water in. Tiered (bamboo or steel) steamers are placed on top of the pot to steam the dumplings in. You can also use a steam basket, which goes directly inside the stock pot to steam the dumplings. Some steamers will require a steaming or parchment liner to prevent sticking. Please test your steaming method with one or two dumplings before trying out the whole pack.

My dumplings are sticking to the pan (or each other), what do I do?

  • When pan-frying, use a non-stick pan. Preheat your pan and use a little more oil before placing frozen dumplings in your pan. The coating on frying pans can vary and may not be as effective depending on the age of the pan. Be sure not to let the dumplings sit too long in a heated pan after the water has evaporated.
  • If steaming, it is recommended not to place the frozen dumplings directly on the bottom surface of the pan or in direct contact with the water.
  • Place the dumplings in your pan or steamer with some space in between so that they do not touch each other. Dumplings will expand when cooking.

What are some ways to serve my dumplings?  (meal, entree, appetizer, side-dish, etc.)

Dumplings can be served for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even as a snack! Since they contain carbohydrates, protein and vegetables, it is the perfect balanced dish for any meal. Based on which meal you enjoy it for, there are other great foods that can be used to accompany our dumplings. Please check out our gallery of ideas on our webpage about how to cook our dumplings or visit our Instagram @two.little.dumplings for inspiration.

Should I thaw my frozen dumplings before cooking them?

The frozen dumplings should not be thawed prior to cooking. You can start cooking them right after you take them out of the freezer! That's what makes them a great quick meal since there's not as much prep time required. Please also refer to our cooking instructions on our website and labels on our dumpling bags.


The product I am looking for on your site is currently out of stock. When will it be in stock again?

We handmake our dumplings every week and are limited in the number of frozen dumplings we are able to sell. We will update our inventory once a week so please subscribe to receive our emails or follow our Facebook page and Instagram. We produce our dumpling flavors in batches so it may likely be that we will not have all varieties fully replenished each week. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to supply you with delicious dumplings as fast as our hands can fold!

Your pick up location is far from me. Do you have any other pick up locations or do you deliver?

Unfortunately we currently have one pick up location in Slingerlands, NY and do not do deliveries. We hope to expand to other areas within the Capital Region as we grow.

Can I request substitutions or modifications to one of your products?

At this time we are unable to customize and only have available the products that are listed on our online store, but we invite you to contact us at to make recommendations, suggestions, and provide us with any feedback. We would love to hear about your ideas!

Can orders be placed for pick up at a future date?

Absolutely! The beauty of our frozen and refrigerated products (excluding desserts) is that they can be saved for you to pick up at a time convenient for you and during our regular pick up hours!

Product Details

How many individuals do your dumpling packs serve?

Each pack will serve 2-3 adults depending on whether you use the dumplings as an entree or side-dish.

How many dumplings are in each bag?

Typically there are about 12 dumplings in each bag. However, since handmade dumplings can vary in size and weight, we adjust the quantity if some are smaller or larger.

What common food allergens are in your products?

All our products currently contain wheat, soy and sesame. Many have asked us if a gluten-free dumpling option is available. Currently we do not have a gluten-free product, but we are considering one for the future.

How long can I store my dumplings in the freezer?

For optimal flavor, we recommend our customers to consume our dumplings within 60 days of purchase.