Dumplings ("Jiaozi")

Dumplings can be found in many cuisines around the world.  At Two Little Dumplings, we make a version known as Jiao Zi, which has its origins from China.  Some hold that these Chinese dumplings were invented by a physician who wanted to create a healing food for those who suffered from frostbite, especially on their ears.  These ear-shaped dumplings became a gesture of caring for one’s neighbors, and as part of the celebratory feast enjoyed during the New Year with family and friends.


At Two Little Dumplings, we bring you a food steeped in tradition and elevated by the bond we share as a family.  The making of homemade dumplings is a family event and we savor the product of our joint efforts.  Our dumplings nurture the body, mind, heart, and soul. 

​Our dumplings are handcrafted and filled with natural ingredients you can name. We preserve the flavor by immediately freezing the dumplings to make each delicious bite available to you in your own kitchen and at your convenience. Unlike many dumplings whose fillings are highly processed, every bite into our dumplings holds textures and flavors to delight the senses. Whether devoured alone or with others we hope that these mouthwatering bundles bring you joy from our family to yours.

Our Craft


OUR Dumpling


A family-owned business established in 2020, Two Little Dumplings gets its name from the two biggest fans and granddaughters of our chef, Grandpa Lee. We are a multi-generational family business and believe in investing in the future through the lives of our children. Through good times and hard times, Grandpa Lee creates delicious foods that nourish the whole family. Dumpling making is a family tradition we treasure. The combination of freshly rolled dumpling skins and savory filling has always had a lasting impression on guests in our home. We decided it was time that we share our homemade goodness with a wider audience and invite you to be a part of this culinary experience.